Aspire - community support provider,developmental disabilities

At Aspire we belive that each person should have an opportunity to create their own meaningful day and therefore provide a variety of options for people during their day.

Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions is an empowering way of soulful expression for new artists at Aspire, Inc. People in this area have expressed an interest in the Arts and a desire to create and market their works.

The Artists spend time exploring different mediums and techniques to find what empowers their creativity and talents.



Supported Employment

Supported employment services are based on the belief that all individuals with developmental disabilities can work and that individuals of working age should be provided the supports necessary not only to gain and maintain employment, but to advance in their chosen career fields and explore new employment options as their skills, interests and needs change.

Aspire provides supports for participants to obtain and maintain a job that meets their personal and career goals, that is in an integrated setting in the general workforce, and offers a wage that is at or above minimum wage.




Each day we work on different projects and pieces that come from the creativity and hearts of our artists here.

 - Marianne Dale, Creative Expressions Coordinator