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Aspire, Inc. provides a wide array of services.

One of the core components to our services is the Outcomes Based Measures. Each person's team looks at the outcomes and determines whether the outcomes are met or not. The team then addresses how we can provide the best services to meet the desired outcomes. The outcomes are based on the Council of Quality and Leadership's Personal Outcome Measures®.



The 21 Personal Outcome Measures® are organized in three factors:

My Self: Who I am as a result of my unique heredity, life experiences and decisions.

My World: Where I work, live, socialize, belong or connect.

My Dreams: How I want my life (self and world) to be.

Personal Outcome Measures®

  • People are connected to natural support networks
  • People have intimate relationships
  • People are safe
  • People have the best possible health
  • People exercise rights
  • People are treated fairly
  • People are free from abuse and neglect
  • People experience continuity and security
  • People decide when to share personal information
  • People choose where and with whom they live
  • People choose where they work
  • People use their environments
  • People live in integrated environments
  • People interact with other members of the community
  • People perform different social roles
  • People choose services
  • People choose personal goals
  • People realize personal goals
  • People participate in the life of the community
  • People have friends
  • People are respected
The second component in our service program is Person Centered Thinking.

Person Centered Thinking promotes choices and emphasizes dreams, desires and meaningful experiences.

Aspire uses Person Centered Thinking to find creative and innovative ways to best support each person individually.

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School to Adult Transitions

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