Aspire - community support provider,developmental disabilities

Jennifer Gray

:: Executive Director

Jennifer Gray Experience/Education:
  • Executive Director 2006-Present
  • Director of Vocational Services 2003-2006
  • Service Coordinator 1999-2003
  • Vocational Instructor 1996-1999
  • Previously worked at SDDC in Redfield
  • B.S. in Psychology/Sociology

Summary of Job:

I am responsible for the overall management and operation of the agency so that quality services can be provided by quality employees.  While providing quality services, I ensure that agency staff comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, guidelines, and standards.

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Arlette Keller

:: Director of Service Coordination/Quality Assurance

Arlette Keller Experience/Education:
  • Director of Service Coordination/Quality Assurance
  • Service Coordinator
  • Various Residential positions
  • BA in Elementary Education and Special Education

Summary of Job:

I oversee the Service Coordination, Nursing Department, Education Department and Quality Assurance.


Angela Huffman

:: Director of Nursing

  • BA of Science in Nursing (BSN, RN)
  • Director of Nursing/dietary/Recreation Therapy
  • Wellness Committee Chair
  • Positive Behavior Support and Admissions Committees
  • CPR and Medication Admin Instructor

Summary of Job:

I oversee all of our medical services, coordinating cares, promoting preventative healthcare, encouraging healthier lifestyles through diet and fitness, educating staff and people supported on health and medications, ensuring state guidelines/laws are followed, promoting human rights, and maintaining dignity.

Paul Schumacher

:: Director of Vocational Services

Paul Schumacher Experience/Education:
  • Director of Vocational Services
  • Contract Supervisor
  • Employment Specialist
  • Vocational Instructor
  • BS in Business and Marketing

Summary of Job:

I oversee the day activities which include: Vocational, Creative Expressions, Recreation /Therapy, Dietary-ensuring that National School Lunch Program requirements are met and supported employment options.


Meranda Leidholdt

:: Director of Human Resources

Scott Experience/Education:
  • Director of Human resource 2014-Present
  • BA in Multimedia Design
  • Person Centered Thinking Coach
  • Employee Personnel and Recognition Committee Chair
  • ACLS 05-06
  • DSP 03-05

Summary of Job:

I plan, develop, organize, implement, direct, and evaluate the company’s human resource function and performance.


Beth Day

:: Business Manager

  • Business Manager - 2017-present
  • Education - Business
  • Accounting- Government, private business, corporate
  • BS in information management systems
  • MBA

Summary of Job:

I oversee the business/accounting department. Which include accounts payable, accounts receivable and Payroll.


Tanner Myers

:: Computer Systems Manager

  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Field Solutions Tech - 2011
  • Serv Rite Tech 2009-2010
  • Various technology positions 2005-2009
  • BS in Management Information Systems

Summary of Job:

I oversee the agency's Network, Computer Systems, Database, Telephonic System, Technology planning and website.