Assistant Community Living Supervisor

ACLS Job Summary

The Assistant Community Living Supervisor is responsible for planning, organizing, developing, implementing, coordinating and directing supports provided by employees in a residential enviroment. This position may perform the duties of the Community Living Supervisor in their absence.

Employees should be prepared to work with individuals to reach their set goals and motivate them to be independent. It is important that employees can address challenges as they arise, recognize problem behaviors and implement plans of correction to help.

Physical Demands of the Job

  • Kneel, squat, twist, crouch, crawl, bend, stand and walk for long periods of time
  • Lift/carry up to 50 pounds
  • Push or pull (wheelchairs, groceries, supplies, etc.)
  • Assist people that are not able to move on their own
    (bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to chair, floor to chair, chair to vehicle, etc.)
  • Climb stairs carrying things or assisting someone else
  • Perform CPR

Requirements for Employment

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Minimum of High School diploma or GED
  • Basic fluency in oral and written English.

Extensive training is provided to new employees to enable them to do the best work possible.

Aspire client and employee smiling wearing 4th of July attire

Positions Serving Less Independent Residents

The individuals living in these houses require more assistance and need to be provided with daily, in home support such as cooking meals and cleaning the house. Employees will assist with personal care and administering medications. Additional duties include taking individuals out to shop, eat and visit as needed.


Full Time ACLS

Mon-Fri 1-9p

1124 House

Resident Population:
8 men and women


Full Time ACLS

Mon-Fri 1-9p

613 House

Resident Population:
7 men and women

Positions Serving More Independent Residents

The individuals living in these apartments are more independent and need assistance with daily living skills such as cleaning, laundry, cooking meals and meal prep, money management, safety skills and being a good neighbor/tenant. Employees will assist with occasional personal care and administering medications as needed. Additional help is expected to be provided for individuals with transportation, shopping, outings and other events.