May Un-Be-Leaf-Able Award Winner

Each month Aspire collects outstanding employee recognition called Un-Be-Leaf-Able nominations.  These are voted upon and awarded monthly.  

All of the monthly award winners are voted upon each year to select our yearly Un-be-leaf-able Award winner.

female direct support professional with a male both smiling

We would like to recognize Sierra for everything that she does. She has built great relationships with the people supported across the agency, she assists with training to new staff, provides insight and feedback during ISP meetings, and jumps in to help with extra hours.  Any time we have witnessed her in the Day Service area, she is doing something productive or actively engaging with someone.  She is flexible and seems willing to take on any tasks asked of her. When working with participants, she always exhibits a soft, comforting kindness without becoming a doormat as well as saint level patience. When going through unpleasant emotions she takes the time to help people identify their feelings and lets them know it is okay to feel that way, offers ways to either alleviate it or how to demonstrate it appropriately or sometimes just to be there if they need company to get through it.  If thins are challenging her emotional fortitude she is able to keep her composure and hos shown the skill of knowing when to walk away (and how to do so appropriately and safely) which in this field is extremely valuable.

The phrase, “have Sierra talk to him, he seems to listen to her,” has been uttered in our presence more times than we can count and it is extremely easy to see why.  Thank you for always being dependable, hardworking, and most of all truly caring for the people that we serve.

~Nominated by Betsy Harry, Workforce Coordinator and the Quality Assurance Coordiantors