2020 Shooting Star of the Year Award Winner

Aspire is proud to recognize Sasha Metzinger as our 2020 Shooting Star of the Year Award Winner!


shootingstar oftheyear2020 sasham.Each month Aspire collects outstanding employee recognition called Shooting Star nominations.  These are voted upon and awarded at our monthly staff meeting.  All of the monthly award winners are voted upon each year to select our yearly Shooting Star Award winner.

Sasha was the September 2019 and August 2020 Shooting Star Award winner. Below are her nominations from those months:



September 2019 Nomination:

Sasha is always going above and beyond not just for the staff and people who live at the house she works at but for everyone who asks anything from her. One day in August Sasha assisted a gentleman to the ER where he was admitted to the hospital after which she returned to 827 at 10:30 pm past her scheduled shift. Once she was back it was noted that someone had fallen and Sasha assisted her to the ER as well and was finally able to complete her documentation and finished her shift at 3am! This is just one instance of her always going above what is expected of her.

I also would like to give Sasha a shout-out for how far she has come in the past year. She has joined committees, jumps at the chance to teach anything, loves mentoring new hires and new assistant supervisors, not just staff at where she works. She has come out of her shell as a supervisor and has become more comfortable with difficult conversations and ensuring staff are on the right path.

Thank you, Sasha, you are such a wonderful person to work with and you add so much to the agency as a whole with all your awesomeness!

~Nominated by Amber Locke, Community Living Supervisor


August 2020 Nomination:

It has been a busy past couple of weeks for Sasha. Sasha is always stepping up to help and when a gentleman needed a ride home from the hospital on a Saturday she was willing to be on-call for the job. Little did she know how the ride would turn into staying at the house because he would need one-to-one care and she didn’t feel comfortable leaving her co-worker there alone.

After the weekend, this gentleman made many trips back and forth from home to the ER and was admitted multiple times in one week. Sasha ensured staffing at the house was good for when he was home and addressed all med changes; she also had to facilitate rearranging bedrooms at another house for a new person moving in. All while I was out sick.

Thank you Sasha for always stepping up to support your co-workers and do what needs to be done, especially in my absence!

~Nominated by Amber Locke, Community Living Supervisor


If you have had an exceptional experience with an Aspire employee, please nominate them for a Shooting Star Award by clicking here!