March Un-Be-Leaf-Able Award 2024

Each month Aspire collects outstanding employee recognition called Un-Be-Leaf-Able nominations.  These are voted upon and awarded monthly.  

All of the monthly award winners are voted upon each year to select our yearly Un-be-leaf-able Award winner.

amber l and kirk o

Amber is one of my go to gals. She had been asked to co-supervisor a home that is without a supervisor. There was a lot going on at this home with staff turnover along with other issues that had created an increase in a person’s behaviors. Amber had talked to the QAC and had a good conversation with the individuals’ mother about concerns that the mother had with some medications that Amber has experience with due to her own motherly concerns. The mother agreed to try some of the medications that she has been so against. With the start of the new medications, and some of the other issues being resolved, this gentleman is leading the best life that we have known him to have since he started with Aspire. Way to go Amber with taking that mother to mother talk and helping this person along with the staff having to work with this person!!!!

Amber has been moving through all of our woes and solving them one by one. She is a whiz with mothers/guardians. She pulls from her life experiences- soothing their souls while being charmingly and brutally honest about what she (and usually the rest of the team) feels is in a person’s best interest. Others in the past may have been treading those waters, but somehow she can get it to the conclusion. She’s been flexible and willing to try different things to enhance people’s life. Lately she hasn’t even had to dazzle with her flexibility as it seems like her first suggestions have been the right ones. Anytime I am losing my mind, she’s there with a “what do you need me to do?” And she actually means it. I appreciate all the support she’s given me over all our years of employment.

~Nominated by Arlette Keller, DQA and Carlean Eaton, QAC

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